Have a Very Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to rain a lot more and getting darker in London. While still doing work, it already feels like time for supper. Going to Singapore gave me a mild jolt in my expectations, being so sunny and humid. It makes me wonder where I’d prefer to spend my Christmas…

Anyway, it’s time to wrap up the last of your gifts and finish off those cards. I got some really nice colours to share: Diamine Shimmertastic Enchanted Ocean and Cocoa Shimmer. Shiny things seem like it’ll be instinctively Christmas-sy!

On my first try (Taroko/Tomoe River) I preferred the dark blue of Enchanted Ocean. The iconic red sheen of blue inks is present, and goes great with the blue sparkles.

photo-10-12-2016-15-19-28The colour of the ink itself is a smoky dark blue with some shading.

I find that it suits italic/stub nibs better, since with a normal pointed nib you can’t really show off the sheen. It looks like a blue version of Emerald of Chivor. Really shiny too!

I rate this ink: Star King of the Night! Do note that I love blue inks, so I am rather biased.

Cocoa Shimmer did not impress me at first. Just a plain brown with some gold glitter, yeah? Much less cool since it also has no sheen.

Photo 30-11-2016, 14 00 30.jpg

Photo 10-12-2016, 15 19 14.jpg

Luckily I gave it a go with my dip pen. It looks a lot nicer when concentrated, since I didn’t particularly like that shade of brown. Looks a lot like Diamine Ochre, which I got sick and tired of…

Both Ochre and Cocoa have a cooler shade of brown.

Neither of the inks in this review (heck, maybe even in the entire Shimmertastic range) are waterproof, so you can use it as watercolour (with sparkles!).


(Believe it or not, I have more hobbies than my money can afford right now…)

Do remember to shake up the bottle before use! I shook it like a maniac and made sure I could get maximum sparkles before I dipped my pen into it. You can see the glitter collecting at the bottom , and it all falls rather quickly even if you shake it up quite a lot.

Have a good Christmas and see you next year!



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