Paper Testing #2: Artoz 1001

Artoz is a Swiss brand specialising in paper products. They have a very colourful collections of papers, such as the 1001. Interestingly, they make cards with famous paintings on the covers (Kunstkarten), which all look attractive, especially since they use their laid paper to make it. What I am reviewing today is the laid and watermarked Artoz 1001 paper, in two (of the many) colours, blue and cream.

In real life, the blue is a cheerful medium-light blue, and the apricot is more of a pinkish-cream colour. One cool thing about this paper is that it has a different textures on the front and the back.



Feathering: Yes on blue, None on apricot

Bleedthrough: Some on blue, None on apricot


Ghosting: None on blue, Minimal on apricot


Smooth but ribbed on the front, textured on the back on both papers





Dry times:

15 seconds



I couldn’t get used to writing on this paper, it has a rather unusual texture. In case you were wondering why there is a pencil drawing at the bottom, it was because I wanted to test using pencils on it. It feels good, like receiving a letter from a rich person… As you have (not) noticed, I use Noodler’s GotA as the ultimate ink to test paper durability, because it is a permanent ink (and stained my clothes…). I thought that the white paper would feather with Noodler’s General of the Armies too, but surprisingly it did not, and I’m glad I lost the original draft of my Artoz paper review (written on the blue paper) so that I can give it another chance.


This is a premium paper with a pretty reasonable price for it. If you have nice handwriting (unlike me, LOL) and are going to write invitations, letters, greetings or whatever, it will be an elegant choice. The paper sells at £14 for a pack of 100 coloured/white 1001 paper (You can purchase them from Definitely not just your office printer paper. You can write your bucket list on this.


This review features Lamy, the minimalist, Konrad, the romantic prick, and Urban, the homeless. Shoutout to Scribbles ( for enabling me to become more obsessed with FP-friendly papers….


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