Pape testing by James: William Hannah

20160605_203620.jpgI first heard of William Hannah from members from the Fountain Pen UK Facebook group. A review stated that although the leather cover is quite expensive (£90), it felt solid and could be used for a long time. I like the idea of having a disc-bound notebook, and this would be very economical in the long run, especially if you use it as a planner, since you can switch out the paper easily. If you go on their website, you’ll see some (I find) very attractive pictures of the leather covers, and the colour combinations that you can order. But today, let’s just talk about the paper, since I don’t have the notebook to review…. yet.


The paper is 100gsm and comes in A5 size.

What makes William Hannah paper unique for me is the colour customisation of the printed lines or dots on the paper. It comes in the prints of lined, grid and dot grid, with plain as an option too. That paper I was provided for review purposes (from Scribble at was lime green and purple-coloured print. There are ten choices of colours, from a professional grey to a cheerful pink. Other inserts are the weekly planner, to-do list and week-to-page diary, which come only in grey print.


Bleedthrough: None

Feathering: None (this is no bird)

Ghosting: None

Feel: Textured (just like your skin)

Tooth rating (5 for toothy): 3/5

Thickness: Medium

Dry Times: 25secs (medium)

This paper took ink very well. Even with Noodlers General of the Armies it did not feather or bleed through. I did not see much sheen. However when I used a Sharpie on it it ghosted. Other than that, this paper is really good at taking (ab)use, even water.


(pardon my handwriting)



The filler papers (as in, not the planners) costs £5 for a 50 pack and £9 for a 100 pack. Well, since it is premium paper, it is more expensive, but I think it’s not too bad a deal since you can personalise it. There are other options out there at a cheaper price. A point to consider is that it is A5 sized, while Atoma, one of the more common disc-bound book brands, has only A5+ or A4. In my opinion, this paper seems very solid and nice. Another option is to get rings to bind them together with a cover you make on your own (what Scribble did for me I presume).

Thoughts: I would buy this paper. Now, if only I can buy the cover… 😉


PS. If I made any mistakes with the information, please inform me.


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