Fountain pen addiction chronology

The first time was headphones. Audiophilia along with beauty products. I surfed reddit all day long, following my materialistic fantasies, but it stopped during the summer. Then comes fountain pens. I was intrigued by the pens two of my classmates were using. Fountain pens seemed to me a gateway to better handwriting, and proof that I was not the same as everyone else. I bought a Parker Urban for my 18th birthday without knowing anything, no prior research or advices taken. Of course, I liked the sleek and modern silver-and-black design, and it showed that I had stepped up my game with writing utensils, which made me slightly smug. I showed it off to my classmate, who wasn’t very impressed (in hindsight, since he has a vintage Mont Blanc, I can see why), and felt unsatisfied. But I liked writing with my Urban. I usually reserved it for writing my diary, it gave a special meaning to the pen. But I hated posting it, since it’l become too heavy, and I also needed to be very careful with it since it costs much more than my usual crappy biros.

I started to research more, but at this time I was very busy, since it was spring going to summer (2015), lots of work to be done, beauty products to look at, headphones to admire (it was not until I got a pair of OK-ish Sony headphones that I lost interest in the hobby). Summer means strict home regime from the mother, so I lost interest in /r/AsianBeauty too. I think I slowly got interested in stationery, and I remember buying a König Blau Pelikan bottle at some point in August. Then I got a Parker 75 Perle with B nib (forgot to mention, the Urban I got was a M nib) from my dad, and it was my first time with a squeeze converter. It wrote very nicely, and except for one ding on the golden barrel (a very yellow gold), it was in perfect condition for a vintage pen. But it was too wet for crappy school paper. So of course, I decided this is the perfect excuse of an opportunity to get a new pen, since my birthday was also coming up.

Coming back to school was torture, since I didn’t bring any fountain pens with me. Using crappy biros depleted my motivation to write (or so I tell myself). I borrowed one of my classmate’s cartridge fountain pen. I have to use the most boring colour of all at school: black. Then I found a Stypen fountain pen… Then here I am.


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