[WP] You are notified that in 24 hours, every human will try to kill you for 1 hour. Your preparation starts now. (Reddit)

16.12.1996 02:30


Dear Road,

All ready, it’s already time. Can you believe it? I’ve started this diary only a day ago. 24 hours of preparation was just for this moment. I’ve somehow manged to sneak away from my bed and come to the fallout shelter alone in the basement in my house. I built it in my leisure time, I was really bored and it had felt good to feel in power of my body again. I really that Janine didn’t notice. She is the one who knows the most about me, so I have to be careful that she has no knowledge about where I am, or else. Have I been trusting her too much for the past few years?

I’ve gathered several weapons: several newly bought blades, still smelling like the plastic cover they were in; the shotgun that was on display in the storeroom; the .32 pistol; a whole load of bullets. Headshot, my pa used to say. Once brains stop, ‘less they reanimate… “You’ll be fine,” I took a deep breath and said it out loud.

I made sure to double-check the lock on the entrance, and made sure I had the medical necessities. It’s actually quite exciting; Old John suddenly appeared in my dreams, and told me that every human will attempt to kill me in 24 hours. I know it was true, of course; I never doubted his words, even though I don’t know his facial features. His voice, fatherly yet harsh, was very familiar. Reminds me of those times when my pa used to physically beat me one minute, and then laugh and reassure me the next. He told me to reject my friend’s offer to stay over; the next day Samuel burned to ashes with his girls. He told me to ignore my stepsister’s phone call to come to the club; that night insane man shot everyone under the strobe lights. And when he told me to reject my pa’s offer to hunt together…

No sounds outside yet. I wonder how it’s going to start. Do they all just wake up simultaneously with a murderous intent for me? Or maybe they had also received this message and have had time to prepare. Luckily this place will take any kind of hits. And what will the aftermath be like?

No one will ever find me. I will not die.


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