I need a hero

I like Lelouch because he assumes an anti-hero martyr identity of Zero. He lies to the whole world. On the inside he is actually a hero. He is such a cool character; he has brains and got guts, if not muscles. I was really shocked when he was compared to SK, actually he is rather like Lelouch.

He actually wants to save the whole world! Isn’t that so selfless? I wish I could do that. I wish people could look up to me like that. His determination and charisma are what I admire so much, that’s why he gained followers. I wish that there were a sequel to that show; I love C.C., Lelouch, Kallen and Suzaku. I was so sad to see both Shirley and Rolo die because they didn’t deserve it. I choose to think that Lelouch is immortal and that he’s living with C.C. now. What is C.C.’s real name? I want to know. Its very endearing, the way Lelouch is rather callous with the subject of love, when he is a master at making tactics. I wonder if he’s true to himself all the time. Does he have romantic feelings for anyone? Seems not.

This story is in a tragedy form. Lelouch’s fatal flaw is either that he is too selfless or the opposite.

Man, I feel like if I were to write a story he is the perfect protagonist. I wonder why I like this cheesy character so much. I want to be like him.

I think the ones causing the most trouble in society or the uneducated people or the people who victimize themselves.


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