20 Things About Me

  1. I am indecisive
  2. I am self-conscious
  3. I am selfish
  4. I am materialistic
  5. I want to be a master in this language
  6. I let time slip through my fingers carelessly
  7. I want to love and be loved
  8. The person I want to be would hate the current I
  9. I don’t like to be responsible for anything
  10. I have fluctuating self-confidence
  11. I like to be classy
  12. I am a very clumsy person
  13. I try to see everyone equally
  14. I am introverted
  15. I am not homosexual
  16. I like silence, or quietness
  17. I am not very creative
  18. I like good gossip
  19. My favourite composer right now is Mahler
  20. I like few popular music

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