Live or die

Has anyone watched The Hunger Games recently? It sounds very cool, because my school’s buzzing about the movie, some of my schoolmates meeting up to see that movie that evening. Yesterday I bought the series of book, consisting of 3 of them (sadly, I don’t really prefer this edition’s cover. It’s not as nice as the adult edition. Not that I’m an adult.), and I scanned through the 1st book. Pretty cool stuff, lots of people says it reminds them of Lord of the Flies. Me? It reminds of another which is something like that, the GONE series, about “Every person aged 15 or over simultaneously vanishes from the school in Perdido Beach, causing confusion and chaos among the pupils. It is quickly established that the adults have vanished from the entire town.”, and then people who are left fight for food, among them some mutants (eg.Sam) with superhuman power and mutant animals. Something like The Hunger Games, only more morbid (there is no order in society at all). It was so morbid I didn’t buy the 3rd book LIES (but now I regret it…), it seems quite hopeless. And those books in turn reminds me of mangas like that: Deadman Wonderland (fight for survival against madness/injustice), Eden no Ori (like Lord of the Flies, maybe more gory, what with the drawings).

I wonder if this ‘growth’ of novels/mangas like this kind is because of the supposed “apocalypse” by the 21 of December this year.


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